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About Us

Australian Financial Market is a team of professionals that specialize in a combination of disciplines including property and Finance. Australian Financial Market is a Sydney based origination. Our knowledge of the finance industry is varied; however our team is accredited by the Finance Brokers Association of Australia and specialize in:

  • Home loans
  • Investment property
  • Construction loans
  • Business loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Line of credit loans

Our aim is simple; by introducing mortgage payers to a Varity of options in the mortgage market we increase choice, competitive and therefore greater benefit to the mortgage payer.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (A.S.I.C) States that there exist three main ways for a client to reduce the term of their loan and amount of interest payable. These are primarily:

  • To increases the amount of money repaid into the mortgage
  • To increase the frequency of the repayment
  • To pay a lower rate of interest

Our philosophy is that a mortgage should never interfere with a family’s lifestyle,
So we aim to ease the burden by assisting our clients to reduce their loans in the
quickest amount of time without affecting their weekly budgets or lifestyle.

Our practice is therefore to:

  • Provide or clients with competitive interest rates.
  • Tailor existing facilities to complement lifestyle and budget.
  • Avoid unnecessary fees and charges.
  • Introduce quality service and provide home owners with ongoing assistance.

Please call our office and discuss the options with our Sales Manager or our Director