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Construction Loans

Construction Loans are preferred by the one wanting to have their home built custom-made. These loans comprise of much paperwork in comparison to other loans. There are only select financial & lending institution offering construction loans and one such lender is Aussie Financials.

Thus, if you are among those opting for a Construction Loan, contact Aussie Financials.

Construction Loans, wraps up the cost of building construction and is consumed as each stage is completed. These loans are said to be very complicated involving a lot more paperwork and formalities. These clutters could easily attract one into a bundle of problems if not applied precisely. Therefore, our experienced mortgage lenders help the clients to make the application smoother.

Our Construction Loan is ideal if you are:

  • buying land and want to build your new home on it
  • an investor looking for a residential project loan

Loan rate – Variable interest rate

  • Loan term – 2 years then reverts to a Mortgage Simplifier (up to 30 years).
  • Paid by – Direct debit
  • Monthly fee – No monthly fees

Call a home loan specialist on (02) 9630 9866 to take advantage of minimizing interest repayments when you are building.