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Finance Solutions

Finance Solutions assist individuals and entities in obtaining various types of finance. Australian Finance Solutions help in making the right decision to choose the best suited loan for individual requirements.  A good Financial Adviser help in identifying the goals, set financial plans and avoid disasters giving you the confidence to make investment decisions and manage risks.

The components of Finance Solutions are:

Mortgage Reduction:

The key principle to mortgage reduction is interest is calculated on a daily balance. The four basic methods one can employ for mortgage reduction are

  1. Using a 100% offset account
  2. Using a Home Equity Loan
  3. Making weekly or fortnightly payments
  4. Making extra payments when possible

Employing fast mortgage reduction techniques are the most effective savings and investment plan. It improves the quality of life by helping with mortgage debt relief and opening the doors financially and enables substantial improvement to the standard of living.

Debt Consolidation:

Debt Consolidations consolidates all your loans and debts and saves money. For smaller amounts, consolidation of loans is the best solution. It is the process of taking two or more loans and combining them in one single loan helping you to save money by reducing the amount of interest you pay.

Debt Reduction Programs:

For debt reduction programs you need to choose the appropriate company for debt solutions, right cost and dependability. It’s important to have a strategy for reducing debt. With the right strategy, and by making small changes to your spending and borrowing habits, you can improve your cash flow and reduce your debt sooner.

Mortgage Refinancing:

Mortgage Refinancing is done to either access home equity, to consolidate other debts, to get more flexibility and features or simply to get a better interest rate than your current loan. It is necessary to upgrade your home loan to a loan that better suits your current circumstances and to borrow additional funds to renovate, to invest, or for a major purchase.

The advantages of refinancing are lower monthly repayments, the ability to use the equity behind you to pay off multiple debts, access to cash for major expenses when you refinance, reduced risk, etc.

Commercial Refinancing:

Commercial Refinancing offer steady ongoing income and the potential for capital growth. Commercial refinancing includes commercial loan solutions and loan features are available from simple home loans to more complex loans that allow you to manage tax, gearing and repayments.

Restructuring Loans:

Restructuring Loans is new loan that replaces the outstanding balance on an older loan, and is paid over a longer period, usually with a lower installment amount. Loans are commonly rescheduled to accommodate a borrower in financial difficulty and, thus, to avoid a default, hence they are also called as rescheduled loan.