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Finance Solutions - Debt reduction programs

Paying off the mortgage is a dream for most Australian families. At Australian Financial Market, this is one of our key goals for our clients.

There is no secret to paying off a mortgage faster; it just needs more money paid to the mortgage account. The tricky part is making that happen.

At Australian Financial Market, we have strategies that we can tailor to individual clients which allow more money to be paid to the mortgage. This reduces the time and cost of the mortgage.
The dollar savings can be huge! Some of our clients have seen the cost of their mortgage reduce by as much as $200,000 !!!

But more importantly, we can show you how to cut the time of your mortgage by up to 5 years or maybe even more!

These strategies involve cash-flow management and systems of managing your household budget that are clear and straightforward.

For more information, you can contact us and arrange a consultation with one of our mortgage planners.