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Lo Doc or No Doc Loans

Lo Doc Loans especially cater to the needs of self employed and small businesses and for those who are unable to prove their income through traditional means that require a fast turnaround, with no fuss. Low Doc Loans can be classified as either variable or fixed rate low doc loan.

Lo Doc Loans/ No Doc Loans are the type of loans specifically suited to meet the desires of self employed. Self employed borrowers are the ones who have no means of proving their income. Self employed borrowers are unable to:

  • To prove their income through traditional means
  • To obtain tax returns
  • To make use of financial statements
  • To provide other evidence of their income

But choosing the right lo doc/ no doc mortgage might prove to be a haphazard if handled the process on its own. To make the process smooth and hassle free, contact Aussie Financials. The lenders from Aussie Financials eliminate the problem areas presenting the customers a healthy understanding and knowledge of Lo Doc Loans.

Other financial institutions however demand extra costs in order to appear for the loans. But our firm offers loan services and products at affordable & competitive prices.

Aussie Financials aims to find the best category of loans suitable especially for the self employed with the most affordable interest rates. We also offer lo doc home loan calculators that help the customers know their status of whether they can apply or qualify for a lo doc mortgage. It is one quick and time saving source letting the customer’s know the results within minutes.

Our focus is to grant the best loans aptly suited for the needs and circumstances of self employed and small business owners.