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Careers at AFM

The Mortgage Broking Industry has grown from nothing in the early 1980s to now handle an estimated 45% or more of all home loans written in Australia each year.

When the banking industry was under competitive pressure from deregulation and privatization in the early 1980s they sought to limit their cost exposure by ‘outsourcing’ the loan writing task to independent brokers instead of having permanent loans officers on their staff. They streamlined the approval process by having it centralized and allowing accredited independent brokers to ‘introduce’ loans to them. Independent brokers, both large and small, have grown up to take advantage of this exciting, demanding and profitable business opportunity.

At the Australian Financial Market we have developed and refined our sales and loans management process throughout the last decade. Our business model means we work with dedicated independent brokers in a co-operative venture. As we have grown, we have found it necessary to bring in more people to handle the amount of business we generate each week.

We are always looking to find talented and motivated individuals with the drive and determination to step into this business and make their success part of ours.

We have a highly effective sales training course which we run once or twice each year. This training is run at no cost to the participant and we have a proven record of successfully inducting new and experienced brokers into the industry in a structured and effective way.

We want to continue to expand our business and if you are interested in exploring this fantastic business format we would welcome your inquiry.

Please call our office and discuss the options with our Sales Manager or our Director