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Lo Doc or No Doc Loans

No doc loans are the kind of loans requiring no evidence for the income statements. They are similar to a lo doc loan.

What distinguishes no doc loans from lo doc is sparing the borrower from disclosing the income & financial statements, assets, liabilities and debts (if any). Such loans are available for investors’ barring the one’s having properties in residential areas. Nevertheless, properties at residential places are only accepted if in good condition.

The availability of No doc loans lies with the applicants with a traditional means of earning whilst the non availability stays for using the loan for personal purposes. These loans have a higher credit standard along with a higher rate of interest.

No doc loans can be obtained from the mortgage services by Aussie Financials. Our panel of lenders provides you the mortgage suiting your circumstances at the best possible interest rates. Our team ensures that the applicants have a clear credit history and isn’t considered to be a defaulter. We counsel the customers on avoiding late or missing payments since we want to see them having clear credit history. Our efficient checking and evaluation process ask the borrowers to provide clear statements of their current loan whether the payments and repayments have been made on time.

Our streamline application process gives you access to your money sooner. No Doc Loans is a flexible solution for self employed though having the assets and liabilities are not able to provide the statements and written proofs.

Our loan products and amenities get you better deals, tailored and personalized advices. It’s easy financing with Aussie Financials.