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An “Offset” loan establishes a link between a client’s savings or transaction account and their mortgage and allows the interest charges in the mortgage account to be ‘offset’ by the interest earned in the savings account. This type of loan allows some value to the borrower from their saved funds.

The earnings from the offset account reduce the cost and term of their mortgage. These loans vary according to how much interest can be offset and how the offset is calculated. So the value of this loan can vary according to the income and savings position of the borrower.

We have access to many lenders and products.

Eg: $200,000 owing, $30,000 in saving account = interest calculated on $170,000.

In fact we have access to over 700 loan products from Basic Home Loans to Professional Packages.

Once you have chosen which loan to go with, your assigned and dedicated mortgage broker will then assist you through the whole loan application to loan approval and settlement process, plus, your broker will continue to be there for you in the future when you need further finance, property and loan related advice or assistance.