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Wealth Strategies - Investment Properties

Australians have traditionally built wealth and secured their family’s financial future by buying investment properties. It is and investment option that we feel comfortable with.

Investment properties are something we understand well and something we can be sure of. Land does not disappear in a cloud of stock market panic.

Tenants are a reliable source of finance that will provide the bulk of the payments for the loan on an investment property. We have a world class negative gearing system that allows significant tax advantages to people who have invested in rental properties.

The key to making this work is to have your loans structured properly and effectively, your tax deductions operating as aggressively as possible and to ensure that all the cash flowing from an investment property is working to your best interest. You want to have clear advice and support from your broker in an impartial and unbiased way.

Where and how you invest is best determined with a clear review of all the options.

  • Do you buy locally or interstate?
  • Should you buy old or new properties?
  • Are houses or townhouses or apartments better for you?
  • How do you maximize the tax advantages in your favour?
  • How do you manage the loan structure and cash flow for best results?

We have years of experience and expertise in helping our clients manage the development of their investment portfolios. We can help you too.

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